Group Dog Training Classes


Prerequisite: Basic Manners Level 1

Are you tired of being dragged everywhere you go with your dog? Sore shoulders and back?  Join this class and get started on a more pleasurable walking journey with your dog.  

The class will cover:

  • Basic Leash Skills
  • Getting Outdoors 
  • Handling Distractions 
  • Management 

Let's give YOU the skills to teach your dog Loose Leash Walking Etiquette all through positive reinforcement and consistent clear criteria.  

**  This class does not address reactivity issues or prey /chase issues.  

THURSDAYS  7:15PM   Next Class  11/14/2019

No class on Thanksgiving

$150 plus tax 4 WEEKS

FUNGILITY- Tricks & Agility-LEVEL 2

*Prerequisite Puppy Pre k or Basic Level 1 Class

Why teach tricks and agility? Not just because they are fun! These activities can be a valuable learning experience for you and your dog. They help you teach your dog to think and solve problems with you as a team, help you perfect your timing, and engage your dog’s interest in fun activities.

Use this class to round out your dog’s education, show off his natural talent, and challenge him mentally while doing agility jumps, tunnels and some tricks as well.

Limit 6 Dogs


At each level you will be able to take the AKC tests to earn Trick Dog titles.

To learn more about AKC Trick Dog Titles follow this link:

We will talk to you about which Tricks your dog is most suited to and tailor the tricks to everyone's needs and capabilities so everyone can be successful increasing your dogs confidence and self esteem.​

TUESDAYS 6 pm   Instructor:  Dawn Lowery

Next Class  1/7/2020
$150 plus tax- 4 weeks  

Questions? Contact us at 203-209-3712



Prerequisite: Your dog must have completed a basic manners level 1 class or have permission from the instructor to attend. This class is not suitable for dogs who are reactive to people or other dogs. 

Take your dog's basic skills to the next level and help him or her become the best brewery buddy ever! This super fun class is taught IN A BREWERY and focuses on all the essential skills for being a great brewery buddy - focus around distractions, sleeping under the table, NOT stealing your beer, and more! 

WEDNESDAYS 6:30PM   Instructor:  Dawn Lowery

 Next Class  1/15/2020

Location:  Counterweight Brewing Co.

Hamden, CT


$150 plus tax    


Group Classes are  held at 865 River Road in Shelton


4 week class aimed at reactive dogs that bark, lunge, snap etc. towards other dogs on leash.

  • Does your dog go crazy every time another dog appears on your walk?

  • Are you embarrassed by the hair-trigger lunging and barking?

  • Is your worst nightmare meeting up with an off-leash dog on a walk?

You’re not alone! We’re here to help.

​What is a “reactive” dog? Generally, when we talk about “reactive” dogs we are talking about dogs who exhibit any of the following behaviors when encountering “triggers” (these can be dogs, squirrels, bikes, skateboards…) on leashed walks: lunging, barking, pulling, whining, and the inability to focus or relax. Many dogs exhibiting these behaviors on-leash are fine with others when off-leash (or at least have a doggie friend or two). Dogs may be showing these behaviors out of fear (“don’t let that dog/person get any closer to me!”) or frustration (“I really, really, really want to go say HELLO!). If your dog cannot calm down, focus and connect with you, they will not be able to learn.

Reactive dog training focuses on teaching your dog to relax and get into an operant or “learning frame of mind” in the presence of other dogs (or whatever stimulus they are reacting to). We also teach your dog to look to you for cues on how they should react when other dogs are present.


PART ONE:  Orientation Workshop  (Hand outs and powerpoint presentation)

Join us for a 2 hour orientation workshop.  In this session we will discuss why your dog is reactive, what makes the behavior occur , and how we can use positive training techniques to change that behavior to something more desirable. We’ll discuss dog body language and stress signals, handling techniques, training equipment, and techniques that you can use with your own dogs at home.


​Using the knowledge you acquired from the orientation you’ll get to put those techniques to the test with your own dog in this semi private, hands on workshop. We’ll set each dog up for success and we will coach you through the training techniques to help your dogs reactivity.   The remaining three weeks of class with dogs we will be rotating the dogs each week.  This  allows a less stressful environment for the dogs and gives owners the opportunity to observe.

Space is limited

This class is not for dog who are reactive to people.   Please contact with questions.


THURSDAYS 7:15pm  Instructor:  Dawn Lowery

 Next Class  - Coming Soon

$300 plus tax


Prerequisite: Basic Manners Level 1

Having your dog run to you when you call is one of the most satisfying aspects of your relationship with your dog. The focus of this class is building a reliable recall even in the face of distraction. You will learn to prompt, reinforce and save recalls in challenging situations.

In this single class you will learn:

• How to work at your dog’s level to stay successful.

• Be proactive as needed to keep your dog safe and comfortable.

• What is reinforcing for your dog and be able to use this knowledge to effect positive training results.

• How to apply class learning to problem solve approaches to real life situations.

• How to teach your dog one of the most important skills they can have for their safety and and your enjoyment of your relationship with your best friend.

TUESDAYS 7:15pm   Instructor:  Dawn Lowery

 Next Class 1/7/2020

 $150 plus tax 4 WEEKS  


865 River Road, Shelton, CT 06484


Prerequisite : Level 2 Class

Does your dog love people? Do you both enjoy making people smile or feel better? It’s so rewarding to share your well-mannered dog with someone who is ill, lonely or missing their own dog. It’s a perfect way to share the love and give back with your very special pooch. This class will teach you the skills you need to so that you can visit places such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes and libraries to brighten the day of children or people that need it.

Step by step we will practice all the exercises that will be required or just enjoy having your dog with you in class learning new skills and good manners when interacting with people.

In this class you will: 

• Discuss the different ways you can be involved in pet therapy

• Improve your dog’s ability to work around distractions

• Build skills and teamwork

• Improve your dog’s manners when around people or other dogs

• Improve your dog’s attention and focus

• Prep for CGC test and Therapy Dog Test

• Understand things to expect on a visit

*We will practice many of the exercises you would encounter on the certification exam* 

*This class does not guarantee that you will pass the certification exam but it sure can help.

Who can take this class?

Your dog must understand basic obedience commands including polite walking on a leash, sit, down, stay, and come (all on leash), and be unfailingly friendly with other dogs and people. They must also be calm and not easily stressed in new situations and environments.


Next Class   TBD

$200 plus tax  6 WEEKS  ( Last class will be held off site)  


Prerequisite- Level 1 class

A Great Physical & Mental Workout!
You don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn, play and have a great time with your dog!
Our Fun Scent Games Class lets your dog exercise and learn new skills in a fun and exciting way.  Your dog will have a ball, become more confident and burn lots of mental and physical energy.  Great for mind and body!

Don’t Stop Your Dog From Smelling!
Your dog has an amazing natural gift.  The gift of smell.  In fact, a dog primarily experiences the world through its sense of smell that is thousands of times more powerful than ours.  There is nothing more fun for your dog than time spent tracking new smells.

This popular dog sport enables you to wear your dog out mentally so it is ideal for active dogs, dogs with physical limitations or anyone who just wants to play a fun game with their dog. Dogs learn to systematically search boxes and other objects for hidden food. The level of difficultly increases each week and it is fascinating to watch the dogs catch scent and make a find.
Dogs and parents give this class a very high rating for fun!

Our Fun Scent Games Group Class is a four-class course and is limited to 6 dogs 

So don’t delay!  Sign Up Today - Lets Get Sniffing!

Space is limited


THURSDAYS 6pm  Instructor:  Dawn Lowery

 Next Class  11/14/2019   No class Thanksgiving Day

$150 plus tax


For Dogs  and Puppies over 4 months of age

Want a well mannered dog who listens, doesn’t jump on guests, or drag you around?  We can teach how to get control so you enjoy living with your dog.

This class teaches you how to get your dogs attention, train sit, down, come, loose leash walking, leave it, impulse control when you first ask for it in world full of new dogs, people, and distractions.  Learn how and when to reward and when to increase distractions, duration, and distance with training games.

Follow Puppy Pre K or start and adult rescue dog in training.

Suitable for first timers of all ages and as a refresher class. 6 – 50 minute group lessons given once a week. Small group classes, human family members are welcome. Please bring vaccination records to first class.

If your dog has ever bitten a person or another animal or lunges/growls/barks at people or dogs group class may not be the right fit for your dog.Please contact us to discuss other training options.

Please specify which class when filling out registration form.

First class is without dogs.

​MONDAYS 6pm  Instructor: Dawn Lowery Next Class  1/6/2020

WEDNESDAYS 7:30pm  Instructor:  Kimberly Wisniewski  Next Class  1/8/2020

FRIDAYS  11:15am  Instructor: Heidi Rice  Next Class  1/3/2020

SATURDAYS  10:15am  Instructor: Stephanie Buehler  Next Class  1/4/2020

 $200 plus tax  6 WEEKS

PUPPY PRE K -LEVEL 1–  For puppies 4 mo and under

This is for young puppies approximately 8-20 weeks old at the start of class. Class priorities are teaching bite inhibition (so your puppy develops a soft mouth), socializing your puppy to people (especially children, men, and strangers) and other dogs, and teaching basic manners such as sit, down, stand, and come. Early intervention focused on early socialization and behavior is the key to a happy lifelong relationship with your dog.  It’s important that your puppy learns to be comfortable in strange settings and situations and to adapt to the world around him and feel at ease with other dogs and people.  Early socialization is critical for your pup’s development. According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s (AVSAB) Position Statement on this topic: “In general, puppies can start puppy socialization classes as early as 8 weeks of age. Puppies should receive a minimum of one set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to the first class.

We will cover basic manners and preventing bad habits and behavior problems. We will introduce basic obedience such as sit, down, come, don’t touch and follow. We will also discuss important things like grooming, house training, and socialization. We will show you good games to play with your puppy that are both fun and teach your puppy self control.

6 – 50 minute group lessons given once a week. Small group classes, human family members are welcome. Please bring vaccination records to first class.

Preparation for Family Dog Basic Class

Please specify which class when filling out registration form.

First class is without dogs.​

MONDAYS 7:15pm  Instructor:  Dawn Lowery  Next Class  1/6/2020

WEDNESDAYS  6:15pm  Instructor: Kimberly Wisniewski   1/8/2020

SATURDAYS  9:00am  Instructor:  Stephanie Buehler  Next Class 1/4/2020

$200 plus tax  6 WEEKS