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Private Dog Training

You want a well-trained dog but your hands are full. We understand. Let One Smart Dog take the leash.​​​

Day Training Service

Let us do the hard work for you! We can train your dog in your own home and neighborhood, whether it’s some basic manners or part of a behavior modification plan for a more serious behavior problem.

You do not have to be present for these sessions! At the end of each week we will schedule an Owner Transfer session. An Owner Transfer session is where we teach you the skills to attain the same results we have achieved during the week.

  • Day Training programs are customized for each individual owner/ dog situation. Though the program is designed for the trainer to do the bulk of the work, the owner is required to follow management instructions and practice some training exercises during the week.
  • Day Training uses a combination of intensive hands on training sessions, play, and exercise to achieve a well behaved pet.
  • Includes a folder with detailed handouts customized for your dog and situation.
  • One Smart Dog is fully insured.

Why should I choose day training?

  • Because you’re busy.
  • Because you want a well-behaved dog but don’t want to be a dog trainer.
  • Because it’s fast.
  • Because it’s effective.
  • Because it takes place in your home or wherever you’re experiencing difficulty.

What is day training like for my dog?

Fun! We use all positive reinforcement so learning is effective—and a blast.
Safe. Our methods are based on the most current dog training practices.


A 60-90 minute consultation that includes an assessment of your dog, a determination of which day training package will be most effective for you, the opportunity to discuss goals and ask questions, and we’ll begin training that day as well! Training plans and follow-up support are provided throughout the duration of all day training packages.


Option 1: Puppy Package  $1550

 One month package to get your puppy a critical training and socialization foundation, with a pre-planned curriculum including socialization and handling activities, sit, down, coming when called, potty training, crate training, touch, leash walking, and more. (Includes 16 sessions – 3 training sessions a week for four weeks, plus one 60 minute “owner transfer” sessions each week). 

Option 2: Foundations Package $1650

One month package to build a solid behavioral foundation for your adult dog, with a pre-planned curriculum including sit, down, stay, coming when called, leave it, wait, loose leash walking, heel, and more. (Includes 16 sessions – 3 training sessions a week for four weeks, plus one 60 minute “owner transfer” session each week). 

Option 3: Custom Package

We’ll tailor a custom one-month day training package to your dog’s specific needs. Contact us for details.


Individual  Behavioral Consulting 

Fear, aggression, food and object guarding, separation anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders are all issues that can create serious problems within a family home and can also cause problems with neighbors. One Smart Dog offers customized, private behavior consultations and training for difficult behavioral problems.

Please see the About  page for our qualifications, experience, and independent certifications in canine training and behavior. We regularly see behavior modification cases with an excellent success rate, but we also do not hesitate to involve your veterinarian or work in conjunction with a board-certified veterinary behaviorist if it would help to achieve resolution of your issues. You can expect only the most professional behavior modification services at One Smart Dog.

Behavior consultations are done by appointment only. These consults are held at One Smart Dog, 865 River Rd, Shelton, CT  06484. Home visits are done only in specific circumstances and only AFTER the first consult is done. 

The initial consult is approximately 90 min in length and involves obtaining the behavioral history of the dog as well as introducing the client to our training methods. Effective home management principles are put into place immediately to help lessen and  end the practice of the inappropriate behavior at hand.   A behavioral treatment plan will be written up after the first consult and will be e-mailed to the client within 24 to 48 hours.

New Client Package:           $400  One detailed 90-minute initial consultation, plus two 45-minute follow-ups.
Follow-up Package:             $300  Three 45-minute follow-ups (for clients only)
Follow-up Single Session:  $100  Single 45-minute follow-up (for existing clients only)

Dawn's Mom with her first dog Patches CIRCA 1956

Family Coaching Sessions

Private in-home training consists of sessions in your home, local park, pet store, or any place you feel you need help.  Sessions are one hour and we discuss goals during your initial visit so that we can customize a program for you and your dog.  Homework is given after each session and a folder is supplied for all the dogs documents.

Coaching sessions are recommended for dog owners that have the time to work with their dogs each week. It is great option for dogs in need of basic manners.

Some common behavior problems:

House soiling

  • Barking
  • Chewing
  • Nipping
  • Jumping
  • Pulling on leash
  • Hyper dogs
  • Stealing objects
  • Door dashing
  • Not coming when called

 Private Coaching Session Rates:
1 session $125.00
1 session @ OSD facility $100.00
3 sessions $350.00
3 sessions @ OSD facility $300.00
5 sessions $575.00
5 sessions @ OSD facility $500.00
7 sessions $ 800.00
7 sessions @ OSD facility $700.00